10 Tips to Survive Nebraska Wedding Season

Let’s Dive into 10 Tips to Survive Nebraska Wedding Season!


#1 Find a Staple Dress to Fix Up and Down

 A wedding can be expensive. So save yourself (and your wallet) the heartache by finding an outfit within your own closet that can be dressed up for the wedding season in Nebraska. Style with unique pieces for a new aesthetic each time. 

#2 Be Realistic About Your Gift Budget

While you don’t want to show up gifting your presence as your present, you also aren’t required to show up with their registry’s fine China dishware set. So come up with a budget that won’t put you in the negative and then own it!

#3 Go stag (and be okay with it)

Don’t succumb to society’s standards. You don’t NEED to bring a date to every wedding. So, go stag and make a pre-plan to sit with friends or keep an open mind to meet new ones. 

#4 Dust off the little black book

Want a plus one? Say cheers to old flames! There’s no shame in dusting off your little black book. Don’t bench the idea of spicing up your night with someone familiar. Just make sure they can dance!

#5 Skip the family drama during Nebraska wedding season

Are you attending a bunch of family-related weddings? Woof. Weddings really can bring out the worst in folk. So if you have enough family drama to star on the Lifetime Channel, try your best to rise about it! You will leave feeling like the bigger person and without regrets about telling Aunt Diane how you genuinely feel.

#6 Limit drinking (or at least be responsible) 

You’ve got a marathon of weddings to attend (which can mean a lot more drinking or partying than usual). So, while you may want to show your cool party trick of downing five shots in a 5-minute time frame without taking one to the chin, your best friend’s wedding is not the place! So have one glass of wine (or two) and keep your composure, babe! 

#7 Giving multiple speeches? Mix it up! 

 Are you the maid of honor or the best man in a few weddings? If so, there’s a chance you’ve been asked to give a few speeches this wedding season. So mix them up with some creativity and personalization. And try to keep inside jokes to a minimum! 

#8 Bring a survival kit

Weddings are full of fun, but you almost may have some emergency moments. So being prepared with bobby pins, Band-Aids, and powder may come in handy for your or a fellow wedding guest. So keep it stocked for all weddings to come. 

 As a Nebraska wedding officiant, I look forward to every booked weekend, but I can relate to wedding season’s stress. So the best advice I can give you to make it through would be to prepare ahead of time. If you need any additional wedding help, please visit our wedding resource section. There’s so much to offer here!

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