Common Questions for Newly Engaged Couples

Congratulations! You’re now engaged and ready to share with the world. But, be prepared! Your engagement announcement will open the floodgates for hundreds of “congrats!” and double the questions about your upcoming wedding plans. 


Here are the Common Questions for Newly Engaged Couples and answers to these over-asked questions.


#1 How did they propose? 

If it were socially acceptable, you could record the answers and send them a link. Right? But, we don’t think Grandma would appreciate that. So, when you’re tired of sharing the proposal story, try to think of a new way to share it. Spicing things up will hold your interest a bit longer. 


#2 How surprised were you? 

Whether you knew the entire time or it actually was a surprise, you can practice your in-the-moment face in the mirror and then be prepared to re-enact upon request. 


#3 How excited are you to start planning? 

You may or may not be excited about planning. But keep in mind that people asking questions are most likely genuinely eager to hear how plans are coming along. You can respond to this question with, “Yea! It’s been fun!” If it hasn’t been fun, say something like, “It’s been interesting to navigate. I’m eager to see the finished product!” 


#4 What are the details? Where, When? 

Will you get married in Nebraska? Will you have a destination wedding? Unless you’ve been dreaming up the location, you might not know where you’ll be saying “I do.” 

It’s okay to say you have no idea, or we simply haven’t gotten to that point in the planning process. 


#5 What will you wear? 

You might have an idea, but most people don’t purchase their wedding attire before engagement. But, people may ask because they want to be a part of the buying process or get started on their Pinteresting venture anyways. So, we recommend saying something along the lines of, “I’m planning on shopping with (X) once we establish a budget.”


#6 Where are you going on your honeymoon? 

This question might come as a challenge because you may have no clue where you want to spend your honeymoon. But it’s something people want to inquire about it. So if you’ve got a brief idea, go ahead and share it. If it’s unknown, you might want to say, “I think we’ve got a few ideas but haven’t quite hammered it down yet.” 


Did you learn the answers to the most Common Questions for Newly Engaged Couples?

Well, there you have it. Here are a few common questions that you (most likely) will be asked after announcing your engagement. The most important thing to keep in mind is answering honestly. If you don’t know, don’t makeup something because anxiety is high. More times than not, people are not trying to overwhelm you. They’re just trying to express their excitement for your big news. 

One question you shouldn’t have to think about too long is who you will be hiring to officiate your wedding. You’ve already landed on this page. So, go ahead and give me a call at 402-965-1060. Not only can I answer any more common questions, but I’ll provide you with a free consultation.

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