Need a Valentine’s Day Officiant? First, Consider the Pros and Cons

Thank you to A Wild Kind of Love Elopements for sharing this beautiful picture of Chalon & Marissa Stoll on their beach wedding day in Anna Marie Island, FL. 

Whether you think Valentine’s Day is the most special day to say your vows or the corniest – it’s one of the most popular days to say I do. If you’re thinking about a heart-day wedding, keep these pros and cons in mind: 

First, let’s dish the pros: 

#1 Make Valentine’s Day even more personal with a Valentines Day Officiant

A wedding anniversary on the most romantic day of the year? Woof! Hiring a Valentine’s Day professional officiant in Nebraskafor your wedding could be so romantic. People worldwide are also gooey-eyed and in love, celebrating right along with you. 

From Casey’s to Hy-Vee, you’ll be greeted with gorgeous flowers, candy hearts, and cards ready to be filled with love words. 

So even if February 14th falls on a Tuesday, the world will still seem a bit more loving on your anniversary to help you celebrate your special day. 

#2 Never forget the day

Who’s guilty of forgetting their anniversary? It may seem silly to think, “oh, no! I’d never forget the anniversary.” But it happens. And you’re not alone. 

According to The Knot, I spoke to a few different couples about why they wanted to wed on Valentine’s Day. On

e pair says, “It’s because we’re both very lazy and forgetful, and we don’t want to blame anyone for forgetting our anniversary date.” 

#3 Anniversary vacation

We’re all a little over the winter season by February, especially in Nebraska. So, planning to tie the knot on 2/14 makes a great chance to slip off to somewhere warmer for a destination wedding (and an anniversary vacation).  

*Imagine the conversation now* 

“Where will we go this year, honey?”

“Oh, I don’t know…..but February sounds like a good time to do it.”

*Boom* You’re magically in the Bahamas because of a blog you read! You’re welcome! So, maybe you hit up the beach, or perhaps you prefer the mountains?

Valentine’s day is a perfect excuse for a winter getaway to spend time with your sweetheart. 

And now, the cons to getting hitched on Valentine’s Day!

Now, on to the cons…

#1 Over-rated 

As a professional wedding officiant in Nebraska, it’s safe to say that I’m a big romantic. But, even we understand how

 people can get frustrated with Valentine’s Day commercialism. 

The shelves are stocked with cookies, candies, and treats. You can’t get to the milk section without passing 43,093 corny cards. And don’t get me start

ed on the fake flowers. If you’re not into the red sea of aggressiveness the shopping centers put on, go ahead and leave this holiday on reading. It might be a little too cringy for you.

#2 Snow wedding? Yikes

Maybe you live somewhere warm and sunny. But, Nebraska is notori

ous for having snow, blizzards, and ice through February. You don’t know what the weather will be like on 2/14. So, planning Valentine’s Day wedding might be t

empting fate a bit too much. 

Even with all the snow, there are some great indoor wedding venues. Contact me for more information. 

#3 Consider guests

 Your guests should be considered. Some guests may find it frustrating, thinking that you’ve taken the day away from them. If you still want to get married on Valentine’s Day, consider an elopement. I do love to travel!  

If you need a Valentine’s Day officiant, call me!

Some happy couples love the idea of getting married on Valentine’s Day, while others think it’s totally “cringe”.

 So just keep these things in mind. If you set your heart on a Heart Day wedding, do everyone a favor, and ensure the reception is sweet! No matter what day of the year you choose to celebrate your love, you’ll need a professional wedding officiant in Nebraska. And we’d love to help you! So contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation. Click this link to EMAIL or text us at 402-965-1060. We’ll get you, and your sweetheart squared away.

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