9 Tips for a Winter Wedding in Nebraska 

Hiking up Chalco Hills or Standing Bear Lake, we’ve got a list of helpful tips for your outdoor elopement in Nebraska. 

Wow! Can you believe it’s already January? A magical part of the year, especially for a winter wonderland elopement in Nebraska. As a wedding officiant at I Tie The Knots, we understand that “Tying the knot” in the winter is more popular than you might think; however, there aren’t many great resources on the web for helpful advice for your intimate winter wonderland wedding. So, that’s why we’ve compiled a few tips to consider on your Best Day Ever. 

#1 Wear a Warmer Dress

While sleeveless dresses are more traditional, they don’t keep brides warm during the winter months. So instead, consider wearing a long sleeve wedding dress for your comfort (and sanity). As a marriage officiant, we see long sleeves all year long. But, longer the better in winter!

#2 Outdoor wedding? Bring a Jacket!

A wedding cloak or faux fur shawl can add elegant aesthetics to your gown and will keep you warmer for longer. If you’re not so much an “uptown girl,” stick with your favorite North Face or Patagonia. Be sure to consider the color of your overcoat. We wouldn’t want you to stick out like a sore thumb on your wedding day. 

#3 Hand & Foot Warmers

Don’t get cold feet, now! (Pun intended!) Squish and squeeze hand and foot warmers into your shoes and pockets, especially if you’re booking an all-day adventure outdoors to celebrate your wedding. These warm pockets last nearly five hours. 

#4 You should BOTH Wear Foundation

Your facial color might be lost after being in the cold for so long. Avoid looking like a ghosty in your wedding photos by applying foundation on both of you. 

#5 Double Check Availability

Some venues in Nebraska close early for the season. It’s always best to call before planning your big outdoor elopement. 

#6 Getting Married Outside? Be sure to check for permits!

Now that you know your outdoor spot is open, you need to see if they have a permit or a way to book the site, even if it’s out in the wild. 

#7 Drink More Water & Bring Snacks

If we’re hiking Chalco Hills for a scenic outdoorsy wedding in Nebraska, be sure you and your partner bring a CamelBak to stay hydrated and plenty of snacks. A thermos full of hot chocolate (even with a toss of whiskey or snaps) can add pizzaz to your photos. Cheers!

#8 Outfit Change

It would be a bold move to think you can wear your wedding attire throughout the entire day. As a non-religious wedding officiant, we want you to be comfortable, warm, and happy. So, remember, it’s okay to bring an extra pair of clothes. 

#9 Marriage License

Do you really need to bring your marriage license to the designated outdoor location? No. We don’t want the critical documentation to get crushed and smashed in the backpack when hiking to a beautiful place. So let’s go ahead and sign the paperwork back at the car, hotel, or center. 

A hike through Calco Hills can make for a beautiful wedding celebration. Capturing your special day in warmth is vital to us. Be sure to wear a warm jacket and bring something warm to stay hydrated. 

If you’re ready to tie the knot, let’s get in touch! I cannot wait to act as your marriage commissioner! Please call or text me at (402) 965-1060 or email info@itietheknots.com. I look forward to meeting you both. 

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