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Laughter, tears and joy are all conveyed during this beautiful ceremony at Castle Unicorn in Pacific Junction, Iowa.

wedding officiation glenwood iowa

Father and Step-Father escort this beautiful bride at Belle Terre in Glenwood, Iowa.

omaha wedding officiation

Groom making sure he placing the ring on his bride’s left hand at The Magnolia in downtown Omaha.

Professional Officiation

5 Officiants at your service for all of your wedding officiation needs! Se habla español.

We are professional wedding officiants who travel to all venues in Nebraska & Iowa to preform your ceremony. We are based in Omaha Nebraska, and we do most of our wedding consultations, elopements, and ceremonies in Omaha, but we are always happy to travel.

Why Choose a Professional Officiant?

A professional wedding officiant will understand your vision for your wedding day and help you to create a memorable wedding ceremony. The ceremony does not stand alone, but is a part of a larger celebration. It’s important that the professionals you hire for your wedding day (photographers, DJs, officiants, caterers) have the experience to handle common, but unexpected situations for you.

You can be confident that we are prepared for anything that may come up during your ceremony. We are reliable and have a contingency plan in place in case of any unforeseen emergencies, so an equally prepared officiant can step in from our team in case of emergency or illness.

We understand the needs of today’s couples: Religious, Non-Religious, Spiritual, Agnostic, and everything in-between. We will customize your wedding ceremony to your beliefs, because the most important thing on your wedding day is that it’s uniquely you.


Nebraska & Iowa Officiation Choices

A. Civil/Non-denominational Wedding Ceremony
This type of wedding is for individuals who want to get married in a conventional manner that does not make refer to a God or a higher power.

B. Religious Wedding Ceremony
This type of wedding ceremony includes references to God and can incorporate prayers and blessings of your choosing.

rainbow same sex gay lesbian lgbt wedding officiation omaha All couples welcome!


We perform the same legal services as a minister, clergy, justice of the peace, preacher, pastor, etc…

Please call 402-965-1060 for special requests, or book your consultation online now for more information.
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State of Nebraska Marriage License Application (pdf) *updated for 2016

State of Iowa Marriage License Application (pdf)

State of Iowa Marriage Instructions

Amber and Nathan’s Downtown Omaha Wedding at Lucille’s Old Market from Iwen Exposures on Vimeo.

Here is Arielle’s:

Arielle and Joseph from Iwen Exposures on Vimeo.