Unity Glass Wedding Ceremony

Here is a new Unity celebration idea for today’s Bride & Groom.


So how does this whole concept work?

  1. You select what you’d ultimately like to have made from your unity ceremony — a glass sculpture, vase, or bowl Our favorite is the scalloped infinity bowl
  2. Select the colors you want — they recommend at least three, but you can choose eight or more. If you are using this for your blended family unity ceremony you’ll either choose one color for all the children or one color for each child.
  3. Unity in Glass will ship the glass crystals to you in individual packets
  4. You combine the crystals in whatever way makes sense for you and your ceremony, most likely sand ceremony-style
  5. You’ll ship the newly mixed glass crystal color mixture back to the artists at Unity in Glass so they can work their creative mojo with your custom ceremony goodies
  6. Unlike a candle or sand, Unity in Glass can also make additional items (ornaments, paperweights, other items you can pull from your imagination) from the remaining glass crystals for gifts to parents, children, or close friends