Nebraska Marriage License by Mail – Douglas County

Since there is no waiting period in Nebraska, it is common for couples who do not reside in this area to come to the office on the same day or a day or two prior to the ceremony to obtain their license.

The county does recognize, however, that in rare circumstances a couple may need to obtain a license with one or both of them not able to appear in person to complete the application process. In that case, you need to:

  • Download the application and complete it.
  • Include a certified money order for $25.00 (or for $34.00 if you would like a certified copy of the license mailed to you after the marriage ceremony is performed). They do not accept checks. Please do not send cash. 
  • The money order should be made out to the Douglas County Clerk/Comptroller. It is not necessary to include money for postage.
  • You must also include a clear, readable copy of your identification when you mail back the completed application.
  • Mail the application to:
    Douglas County Clerk/Comptroller
    1819 Farnam St., Room H08
    Omaha, NE 68183

The license will be processed and returned to the sender. You must specify where you want the license sent to. Included with your license will be:

  • keepsake copy of the license for your records.
  • Instructions on how the person performing the ceremony needs to complete the license and the keepsake.
  • Information on how to change your name with the Social Security Administration and your driver’s license.

When you receive the license, it will be necessary for the applicants to sign the actual marriage license in the presence of a notary public which we can provide for you, and swear that the information on the application is the truth to the best of their knowledge. The license must be signed and dated by the applicants before the ceremony is performed.


Please note: Processing the license by mail takes an extended period of time. Be sure to start the process early to make sure you are able to get it all done in time for your wedding ceremony.