Spice of Life Ceremony

Blessing of the Spices

Couples who enjoy cooking together or enjoy flavorful spices might consider this unique wedding ceremony tradition of blending spices to demonstrate a healthy and well-balanced marriage. The tradition gets its roots from the Middle East. Several bowls or pouring vessels are placed before the bride and groom, each containing a special spice. You then take turns scooping or pouring a bit of each into a small pouch or central vessel, creating your own spice blend that you can keep and use to season your future meals together. If placed in a vessel you can layer the bottom with salt and the top. Then seal it with wax.


Salt – Poured by the Officiant
Rosemary or Pepper for prosperity
Brown sugar for a sweet life
Garlic for wisdom and long life
Onion for remembrance, love & fidelity
Savory for balance in their lives
Nutmeg for romance
Paprika for passion
Cayenne for fiery passion
Parsley for an extra spark of flavor

Your ceremony wording can fall along these lines:

Making a commitment to each other through marriage means you combine your gifts and together, you make a greater difference in the world than you would as individuals. Just as spices complete a recipe, you complete each other. You have chosen a few spices to layer in this bowl / glass vessel one at a time, signifying your own personalities and talents. In this way, you symbolically combine who you are forever.
Just as the spices become intermingled and will never be the same again, so do your lives as you join in marriage. You will begin and end by pouring in salt, for it is pure and essential. Go ahead and pour the first layer of salt . . . (Couple pours first layer of salt together . . .)
As you pour the following spices, which you will layer between the salt, your Officiant will name each and its symbolism:

Now finish with pouring the final layer of salt. What a beautiful work of art you have created! Please keep this in your home as a reminder of this special day. Let these spices symbolize the blessings of your joining and how you have combined the essences of who you are, forever.


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